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    SQLServer 2005 Connection Not Displaying List of Tables

      I set up a connection to SQLServer 2005 with the Connection Navigator in JDeveloper and get a "Success!" when testing the connection. When I expand the connection tree I see the schema list - but I am unable to see any tables in any schema. I see the two folders, Tables and Views, but when I try to expand either one JDeveloper doesn't display any tables.

      I know I am connecting the the database because I am able to load SQL Worksheet (Tools > SQL Worksheet) and select the connection I set up. I am able to run queries against tables in the database and get data back.

      JDeveloper: Studio Edition Version
      I am using the sqljdbc.jar driver class: com.microsoft.sqlserver.jdbc.SQLServerDriver
      My connection string looks like: jdbc:sqlserver://myDatabaseServer;databaseName=myDatabaseName

      Here's the steps I take:
      1) create a new connection using the connection wizard.
      2) Name the connection myTest and choose Third party JDBC driver
      3) put in the username and password
      4) Create a new driver class for SQL server com.microsoft.sqlserver.jdbc.SQLServerDriver
      5) Use that connection and put in the URL jdbc:sqlserver://myDatabaseServer;databaseName=myDatabaseName
      6) Test the connection and finish.
      7) go to the connection navigator Database node, and expand "myTest"
      8) go to any schema node and expand that.
      9) go to the Tables node and try to expand that - no tables show (although there is a delay as if a query is being run).
      10) try the same thing with the Views node - same results.

      I would appreciate any help with this - I have been struggling with it for the past few days.
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