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    Oracle Apex Authentication with EBS

      Hello ,
      My name is Ramiz.
      I have Oracle Applications EBS suite with 10g and Oracle Apex on seperate 10g.

      Now, I am trying to use same user-id and password of EBS to login into Oracle Apex. I have performed following steps from this url.

      1. I have dblink between two database nodes (i.e. EBS database and Apex database )

      2. I have created following function as well on EBS database.

      SQL> create or replace function ebiz_suite_auth (p_username IN VARCHAR2, p_password IN VARCHAR2)
      return boolean
      if fnd_web_sec.validate_login(p_username, p_password) = 'Y' then
      return true;
      return false;
      end if;

      2. Now in second step from above url , Author is granting execute priv to
      user "HTMLDB" like following

      SQL> grant execute on ebiz_suite_auth to htmldb;

      But , my question is that Apex is installed on different 10g so in above
      execute statement which user should I give execute to ? Do I have to create same user of Apex in EBS database and give exec priv ? but than how does it going to talk to EBS database ?

      3. I have created the Authentication Scheme as the steps described in the above url.

      2nd approach which is same as above except but here user is not giving
      any exec priv
      create auth function ( as above)
      Create a new Authentication Scheme
      •Select From Scratch
      •Enter a Name
      •Leave Sentry Functionempty
      •Leave Session Verification Functionempty
      •Set Invalid Session Target= ApExBuilt in Login Page
      •Leave Pre-Authentication Processempty
      Select Use my custom function to authenticatefor
      the Credentials Authentication Method and enter
      return custom_ebiz_suite_auth;
      for the Authentication Function
      •Leave the Post-Authentication Processempty
      •Leave all Cookie Informationempty
      for the Logout URL(all on one line)
      •Create & Activate your Authentication Scheme

      I performed 2nd approach too but it doesn't work for me because
      my Apex is installed in seperate 10g and EBS is in sperate 10g. 2nd approach is from a perosn name SCOTT.
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          From EBS I go to Apex. Via 'logout' I want to go back to EBS.
          I set the Logout URL for the authentication scheme to:

          It takes a very long time, but at the end nothing happens.
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            Hello RobbertD,

            can you please give some details that how did you make it work ?
            I mean EBS and Apex authentication ? ( I am not trying to use SSO here )

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              Hi Ramiz,

              First this, my installation is on the same 10g environment.

              I also created an authentication scheme with a custom authentication function. For the user and password I created a cookie.

              If you want to know more, just let me know.

              Regards, Robbert
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                Hello Robbert,

                OOO.. Same environment of 10g you mean your EBS and Apex are on same node.. rite ?

                My case is differnet. I cant touch the EBS instance for Apex.
                The problem is when I create new auth scheme in Apex instance than I need to grant Apex user "exec priv on EBS instance function which is in EBS and its name is "fnd_web_sec.validate_login".

                Now , the apex user doesnt exist in EBS instance obviously so i created the dblink in EBS instance and try to run the "exec" priv for apex user over dblink but looks like I cant do that it always give me error on this query ..

                grant execute on ebiz_suite_auth to tmpschema@ORAAPEX;

                but it gives me error that this query is wrong. Looks like I cant run above query on dblink. If i can run above query than i can use EBS auth in Apex.

                Thank You,
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                  Have a look at https://sites.google.com/a/popay.be/apex-on-apps/apps for more information in the integration between Apex and EBS R11i . The R12 integration is now going through the final tests as we speak. As soon as found ok, more info will be published.

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                    Hi bert,

                    Any updates  from oracle on  R12 integration with APEX, Please let me know if you have any information,

                    We have requrment, That is our prod is Apps R12.0.5 with DB using stand alone discoverer10g(BI), Now my question is if i use Discovrer Apache(http server) for APEX installation , what is the impacts, please explain me,

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                      I am planning to develop some EBS reports using Apex. Both Apex and EBS would be installed on the same database instance. I will have my Custom Authentication function. My Apex workspace will be having APPS as the parsing schema. The reports will be developed in Apex and the urls of the reports will be added in the EBS menu.

                      So, when the user will log on to EBS and click the Apex report url in the menu, he will be moved to the Apex report being authenticated through custom authentication seamlessly.

                      My question is that how will I be able to restrict users to see only the relevant data on the basis of their EBS responsibility?

                      Please note that I have EBS 11i HR Module and Apex 3.2.


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                        Hi Bert,

                        Would you have an update on APEX integration with EBS R12.0.5 please. We currently have an application that is already working and integrated with 11i needing to work now with R12 Instance. This is sort of becomign a show stopper from us going live on R12 and am looking for some urgent confirmations.

                        Thanks in advance

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                          APEX R12 intergration : best to request the solution at docomentool@popay.be

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                            Hi I have followed steps given

                            in http://balajiabhi.blogspot.com/2009/03/integrating-apex-in-r12-with-oracle.html

                            i.e I followed R12 direct installing not installed separate OHS....

                            I have installed Apex in Datbase and them modified dads.conf located on 10.1.3 home of R12 ebusiness suite with following

                            <Location pls/apex_R12>
                            Order deny,allow
                            PlsqlDocumentPath docs
                            AllowOverride None
                            PlsqlDocumentProcedure wwv_flow_file_mgr.process_download
                            PlsqlDatabaseConnectString usncx053:1536:edge
                            PlsqlNLSLanguage AMERICAN_AMERICA.AL32UTF8
                            PlsqlAuthenticationMode Basic
                            SetHandler pls_handler
                            PlsqlDocumentTablename wwv_flow_file_objects$
                            PlsqlDatabaseUsername APEX_PUBLIC_USER
                            PlsqlDefaultPage apex
                            PlsqlDatabasePassword admin
                            PlsqlRequestValidationFunction wwv_flow_epg_include_modules.authorize
                            Allow from all

                            And tried to access using url ...http://usncx054.diebold.com:8015/pls/apex_r12/apex_admin