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    export relational data into RDF database

      I need help... I am trying to export the data from the relational database and import into RDF database. I know each column should be import as triples but do not know how to start...
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          There are various ways in which users do this depending on their application. Some of them use SQL to create the triples from the relational data (and these triples can be generated from relational data and directly loaded into the staging table using SQL, where the staging table is part of the bulk load process - see documentation for details on bulk load). Some of them use tools like D2RQ. If you are a supported customer do file a service request asking for the recommendations on how to do this in Oracle's semantic store (RDF database).

          D2RQ is freeware and might be a good place to start to understand how people approach this problem (http://www4.wiwiss.fu-berlin.de/bizer/d2rq/).

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            A side note: be sure to choose N-TRIPLE as the output format for D2RQ. It is more scalable.