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    How to pass parameters to concurrent program report from Forms Personalizn

      Hi All,

      I am trying to run a report from a menu entry in the AP Invoice entry form. For this I have done the necessary steps of creating the menu entry and am assigning the values for the 2 parameters to a global variable and then launching SRS form.

      In SRS form created an action to assign the global variable value to work_order.parameters. I can invoke the SRS OK except that my 2 parameter values appear concatenated in the first parameter itself and are not getting assigned to each of them seperately.

      my global variable assignment is as follows :


      and my work_order.parameters value assignment is as follows :

      =select nvl(${global.kmg_invalid_po_gv.value}, ${item.work_order.parameters.value}) from dual

      It passes parameters OK if i replace custom report with standard AP report. I also made my parameters to be free text (17 character value set) to not validate input, but still no joy.
      Any ideas why this is not working ?

      Thanks in advance.