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    Blank Agreement Updation

      Hi All,

      Please suggest any alternative or solution for the issue as descriped below:

      We have a requirement of updating an existing Blanket agreement. If a new price is received, we have to update the existing line for its expiration date and add a new line to the agreement for the same item with new price. To achieve this requirement, we are using PO interface tables with the concurrent program ‘Import Price Catalogs’.

      But this ‘Import Price Catalogs’ program completes with error message ‘No valid Catalog is found’.

      Reason is: In PO header interface table, we have a mandatory column ‘VENDOR_DOC_NUM’. This column is mapped to PO Headers base table ‘VENDOR_ORDER_NUM’. Since blanket agreements are created manually base table VENDOR_ORDER_NUM column is null.

      Thanks & Regards,