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    Supplier price lists

      Hello everyone,

      I've already searched the forum and asked google but I haven't found the solution or any hint :(
      We have our items. But we have different suppliers for our items. Each supplier has an other price and item number for those items, e.g:

      Our item number IN1000500. For this item we have three suppliers (A, B, C).
      Supplier A has a price of 5,- and the item is called A123
      Supplier B has a price of 8,- and the item is called B123
      Supplier C has a price of 10,- and the item is called C123

      Before we create a purchase order we want to check which supplier will have the needed item. So if we're searching for IN1000500 the system should tell us Supplier A, B and C have this item for price 5, 8 and 10,-.
      When we create the PO for Supplier B and enter our item IN1000500 the system should fill in price 8,- and supplier item number B123.

      Does anyone know if this is possible within the eBusiness Suite? If yes how is this feature called? Do anyone have an instruction?

      thanks a lot,