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    How to call a package with OO4O?

      I have designed a package which execute a procedure.
      How can I call it with OO4O?
      Please give me a sample code.
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          I persume that you are facing this problem when u try to code in VB. If that is the case here comes the code.........

          OraDatabase.Parameters.Add "A_NBR_NEWSID", A_NBR_NEWSID, ORAPARM_INPUT, 2
          OraDatabase.Parameters.Add "A_NBR_TOPICID", A_NBR_TOPICID, ORAPARM_INPUT, 2
          OraDatabase.Parameters.Add "A_NBR_USERID", A_NBR_USERID, ORAPARM_INPUT, 2
          OraDatabase.Parameters.Add "result", 0, ORAPARM_OUTPUT
          OraDatabase.Parameters("result").serverType = 2
          OraDatabase.ExecuteSQL ("declare result Number; Begin :result := PKG_CONTENT_MANAGEMENT.FUN_GET_NEWS_PERM_BY_USERID(:A_NBR_NEWSID, :A_NBR_TOPICID, :A_NBR_USERID); end;")
          OraDatabase.Parameters.Remove "A_NBR_NEWSID"
          OraDatabase.Parameters.Remove "A_NBR_TOPICID"
          OraDatabase.Parameters.Remove "A_NBR_USERID"
          FUN_GET_NEWS_PERM_BY_USERID = OraDatabase.Parameters("result").Value
          OraDatabase.Parameters.Remove "result"

          Hope this clear your doubt..