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    SQL Developer: "network adapter could not establish the connection"


      I'M DESPERATE!!!

      I installed Oracle 11g for the fist time and trying to connect to it with SQL Developer.
      There is no problem connecting with SQL Plus.

      The listener service is up. tnsnames.ora and listener.ora are correct (I presume!?)

      ANYBODY who is using SQL developer with 11g please tell me what are you connection parameters and other things to check??

      I use the same username and pw that I use in SQL Plus:
      connection name: orcl
      username: system
      password: ***

      Role: default
      Hostname: localhost
      Port: 1521
      SID: orcl

      when I ping:
      ping localhost <-- responding
      tnsping localhost <-- responding
      tnsping orcl <-- responding

      Ask me additional questions if necessary.

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