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    Oracle client issues in Visual C++

      I'm getting ready to port an old PRO*C application to version 8.1.7 with the Net8 client installed on the target workstations. I am having trouble getting it to run (missing NMSP.DLL error) and I'm looking at possibly changing the SQL to go through OO4O instead of using PRO*C. Will using OO4O eliminate client SQL*Net issues? I'm trying to find an implementation approach that will give me the best future compatibility with changing SQL*Net installs. Also, I currently have to build a non-database version of the executable for clients using the program without a database. Can I avoid this build with 004O? Will the program run without a SQL*Net installation if I don't try to connect to the database. The Pro*C version always errors out with missing DLL if its run on a PC without an Oracle client.


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          If you dynamically link everything then it wouldn't matter. The error would occur when you load the InProcess server and could be trapped. I am pretty sure you could do that anyway with OO4O, you would need to have OO4O installed with your program though otherwise the program would still error out during the load of the executable. Of course, you could have written your own DLL that used Pro*C and dynamically loaded that...

          You will probably find OO4O easier to use than Pro*C.