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    Active Directory and APEX 3.1

      I am unable to authenticate to Active Directory through the built in active directory authentication scheme in APEX 3.1.

      Is there anyway to get some debug messages from the database, or AD server. The only message I get is Authentication Denied which is not extremely helpful.
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          There is no built-in Active Directory authentication scheme. There is a built-in LDAP scheme which, if you provide the right DN, will work in most environments where you have AD. Search this forum for Active Directory.

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            That correct I am using the LDAP scheme, and providing it with the appropriate DN string. The only problem is that it allways says authentication failed, without giving any error messages. So I tried with some success to test the LDAP packages provided by oracle.

            I am able to authenticate using dbms_ldap, but that only works when I provide NULL for a password.

            vSession DBMS_LDAP.session;
            vResult PLS_INTEGER;
            DBMS_LDAP.use_exception := TRUE;
            vSession := DBMS_LDAP.init
            ( hostname => 'CREDPWY01SDCG01'
            , portnum => 389
            vResult := DBMS_LDAP.simple_bind_s
            ( ld => vSession
            , dn => 'CN=<username>,dc=credit,dc=com'
            , passwd => NULL
            DBMS_Output.put_line('User authenticated!');
            vResult := DBMS_LDAP.unbind_s(vSession);

            I am not able to authenticate at all when using apex_ldap regardless if I pass NULL for the password, or use the real password.

            IF APEX_LDAP.authenticate
            ( p_username => '<username>'
            , p_password => NULL
            , p_search_base => 'dc=credit,dc=com'
            , p_host => 'CREDPWY01SDCG01'
            , p_port => 389
            DBMS_Output.put_line('not ok');
            END IF;
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              I searched the forum and found this. Maybe it will help: Re: MS Active Directory authentication .

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                That did the trick. Instead of using a standard DN string 'cn=%LDAP_USER%, dn=mydomain, dn=com' you just use the following string mydomain\%LDAP_USER%