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      My platform is
      Windows 2003 Server Enterprise Edition
      Oracle9i Enterprise Edition Release - Production

      I'm using Oracle Objects for OLE, version 11.1

      On the MFC client:

      oraPar.Add("pub_xx", idp, OPARAMETER_INVAR, OTYPE_NUMBER);
      OParameter mP = oraPar.Add("retCur", "", OPARAMETER_INOUTVAR, OTYPE_CURSOR);
      OSqlStmt stmt(*pArg->pODB, "begin epstest.get_prod_info(:pub_xx,:retCur); end;", OSQLSTMT_FAILEXEC);

      On the server:

      procedure get_prod_info (
      vpub_xx in spacer_pub.xx%type,
      vrefCur out sr.refCur
      ) as
      vroot_xx spacer_pub.xx%type;
      vparent_xx spacer_pub.xx%type;
      vcid_xx cid_info.xx%type := null;
      vroot_xx := vpub_xx;

      while vroot_xx is not null and vcid_xx is null loop
      select decode(p.powtorka,null,p.cid_xx,null),
      (select min(p2.xx) from spacer_pub p2,makieta m
      where p.powtorka is not null and p2.mak_xx=m.xx and m.kiedy=sr.powtseed+p.powtorka and p2.adno=nvl(p.old_adno,p.adno))
      into vcid_xx,vparent_xx from spacer_pub p where p.xx=vroot_xx;

      vroot_xx := vparent_xx;
      end loop;

      open vrefCur for
      select bbox,kolor from cid_info where xx=nvl(vcid_xx,-1);
      when others then
      open vrefCur for select 1 from dual where 0=1;
      end get_prod_info;

      This works fine in single threaded application.
      When I'm using several thread serialized on database client level
      (oo4o initialized by OStartup(OSTARTUP_APARTMENTTHREADED);)
      it throws:
      Error in SQL statement, ORA-24334: no descriptor for this position
      Error fetching data, ORA-24334: no descriptor for this position
      Error fetching data, ORA-01403: no data found

      It happens one time per 1000 calls on average, but the
      application is business critical and it can't go this way.

      I did not use OStartup(OSTARTUP_MULTITHREADED) as it doesn't work
      with other MFC-OLE stuff (copy-pasete automation). The error is "COM not initialized"

      Is this application level error, e.g. my mistake or Oracle problem?
      Any suggestions will be apreciated