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    Issue with creating receipts(using interface) for a PO with multiple lines


      We have a receipts creation program which creates creates receipts.
      The issue is, if the PO contains 2 lines then the program creates receipts for only 1 line.Can someone suggest a solution for the same.

      Issue in Detail:
      The program works as follows

      - Populate rcv_header_interface table for Po Line#1 and Line#2
      - Populate rcv_transactions_interface table for Po Line#1 and Line#2
      - Invoke oracle std 'Receivogn Transaction Processor' program
      -Check for Receipt Number generated in the base table rcv_shipment_headers

      When we query the rcv_shipment_headers table, we found receipt_number is created for only Line#1.

      The data written to interaface table are as follows

      header_interface_id - sequence value
      GROUP_ID - sequence value
      Processing_status_code - 'PENDING'
      Receipt_source_code - 'VENDOR'
      transaction_type - 'NEW'
      vendor_name - <<derived from Po>>
      validation_flag -'Y'
      expected_receipt_date - current date
      WHO clolumns

      interface_transaction_id - seq value
      GROUP_ID - <<as header one>>
      header_interface_id - <<header data>>
      transaction_type - 'RECEIVE'
      transaction_date - current date
      processing_status_code - 'PENDING'
      processing_mode_code - 'BATCH'
      transaction_status_code - 'PENDING'
      employee_id - agent Id of PO,
      po_header_id - <<derived from Po>>
      po_line_id - <<derived from Po>>
      po_line_location_id - <<derived from Po>>
      validation_flag - 'Y'
      source_document_code 'PO',
      to_organization_code - NULL,
      expected_receipt_date - sysdate + 3
      Document_line_num - 1
      auto_transact_code - 'DELIVER'
      receipt_source_code - 'VENDOR'
      vendor_name - <<derived from Po>>
      destination_type_code - 'EXPENSE'
      document_shipment_line_num - 1
      amount - <<derived from Po>>
      po_distribution_id - <<derived from Po>>

      Have we missed any data tobe inserted into transactrin interface table because of which the transaction processor is geenrating receipt for Line#1 only?