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    Select Statement for the LOV


      I have problem in the LOV, Please give me the solution, I have 3 tables in the db.
      we are receiving the company dates and customer dates. customer and company is the 2 tables. Common field is pallet No.
      Pallet table is the master table. if status =0 then pallets is empty if status =1 then full.

      My problem is pallet No column. how can i show the lov like query, Example Pallet No 23 If occupied then I have to show the given details else I
      have to tell pallet is empty and I have to give the last five days detail in the lov.
      if suppose pallate no 36 then it is not available the customer I have to show company record.. . Please advise me, I have problem in the select statement,

      The table details are given below

      select receiptno, pallet no quantity of dates, date from company
      10001     23 10     10-jul-2008
      10002 36 33 22-jun-2008
      selectcustno, Palletno, quantity of dates, date from customer
      258 23 25          12-JUL-2008          
      2599 79 1 11-jul-2008

      select Pallet No, Staus from pallet
      23 1
      36 0
      79 1
      I used union column but I am not getting the exact result.