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    Importing Excel spreadsheet into Oracle via Apex

      I'm trying to build a Apex page where a user can click a button to open a file dialog, browse to an Excel spreadsheet, and import the sheet into an Oracle DB - either creating an Oracle table in the process, or inserting into a pre-defined Oracle table.

      Any ideas how to go about this? I've done a lot of searching and drawn a blank so far.

      I found an example which allows me to copy / paste the Excel data into a textgrid, but this isn't ideal as it will just lead to user error. I need the user to point and click, then the import is done for them automatically.

      I'm not able to schedule the import as the files are generated manually from another system so there's no guarantee they will be there.

      I read in a couple of places that Apex can't handle Excel spreadsheets and only works with CSV - is this correct or am I being misinformed?