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    ASM: How to mutiplex online redo log files and control files

      Hi Gurus,

      Can someone share your comments and inputs in regard to the multiplexing of the online redo log files and control files in an ASM environment?


      A. 2 diskgroups: DATA_DG and FRA (Flash Recovery Area)
      B. Each of the 2 disk groups will have 3 raw devices, like this
      DATA_DG: /dev/raw/raw1, /dev/raw/raw2, and /dev/raw/raw3
      FRA: /dev/raw/raw4, /dev/raw/raw5, and /dev/raw/raw6
      C. Each of the raw devices will be 100 GB /per device.
      D. We will have 3 copies of control files and 3 groups of online redo log files; each the 3 online redo group will have 2 members.

      With this scenario, FRA will be the destination for the archive log files. Do you think FRA will be a good locations for multiplexing the redo log files?

      Or could someone share your own practice and experience on this topic?

      Thanks in advance for your help!