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    ORA-00257: archiver error. Full - how to remove with Streams

      So, I have not run a backup in about two weeks.
      With Oracle GUI (OEM) saves my life since I am not a dba.
      Now, I have filled up my archive logs drive slice. It is at 100%.
      We are running Oracle streams, and I can not automatically delete backed up archive logs after a backup because streams may still be using it.
      So how do I fix the problem!!!

      So can I delete the archive logs... Well, no, because if I remove them from the OS, Oracle will still think they are there or should be there...
      OK command line mode, RMAN backup, yikes, not at that level yet.
      Then how to remove the archive logs...

      I read a document on streams...
      How to identify redo logs that streams no longer needs:
      SELECT name
      FROM v$archived_log
      WHERE next_change# < (SELECT first_scn FROM dba_capture);

      Does this mean these can be deleted?

      Identify redo logs that Streams has purged:
      SELECT file_name
      FROM dba_logmnr_purged_log;
      Again, does this mean these can be deleted?
      The numbers are not the same.