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    match a po to an invoice without receiving


      Please read the following issue and advise on a solution.

      PO 381: column "segment1" in table "po_headers_all" is an approved purchase order of 9 lines,with po header id 797,
      in a foreign currency of the reporting set of books of the company.It has a record with revision 1 in our first implemented organization X1 which it's primary set of book was in currency1.

      In organization X1 the po order date was on 2007 and it had two receipts 359 which has transactions of the first 6 lines and 450 has the last the receiving transactions of the last 3 lines in 2007.
      The 9 lines represent 5 items; same items lines might be different in prices.There are no matched invoices to the po in x1.

      A new organization X2 was created because we changed the primary set of books currency.

      The inventory items balances were moved at the begining of 2008 as open inventory balances to organization X2,
      and the po 381 was moved with po header id 1577 with revision 0 to the new organization still with foreign currency s its currency.

      In the new organization the PO was moved in 5 lines each one of them represents the total quantity of one of the items in the original PO.
      One of the items was moved to organization X2 with total quantity less by 10000, and the price doesnot reflect the original lines in organization X1.
      A receipt was made by mistake in the X2 organization and the items were returned to vendor so it will not affect the inventory balance .

      Now we have the following issues:
      1. How can I compare the ending balance of the item in organization X1 to the opening balance of organization X2;
      with a query from the database or a standard report, to ensure that the balance was copied correctly?

      2. How can we pay the supplier in the new organization X2 and match an invoice to the PO without receiving all the items again?

      Thank You ...