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    Change Quantity in PO

      Dear All,

      I have a Requisition for 10 units. (We are on 11510.2)
      I autocreated a PO for this Requisition. So, the PO has a line for 10 units. The Requisition does not appear in the Autocreate window.
      Approve the PO.

      Query the PO and open it for amendment. Change the Qty to 5 on the PO Line. Qty on the PO Shipment also changes to 5.

      Approve the PO.

      Since only 5 units are ordered now, Requisition for remaining 5 units should be available in the autocreate window for placing on another PO.

      This is not happening.
      Can anyone help me on this? The Archive is set at 'Approve' in the document type window.

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          if you type po # in PO summary and the hit the lines button, select Tools-control -cancel PO line and this should send the req back to autocreate.
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            That is true , by cancellation of PO or PO line by the route suggested ,you will get the requisition back into autocreate. But to carry out the qty amendment in future, use modify requisition option in autocreate-- tools. Modify the qty of line as required and autocreate PO / addon PO . Balance qty line will appear in autocreate only which you can make another PO or cancel the line to reverse the budgets etc.