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    Apex XDB Login Problem

      hi everyone, i have a question about the login apex.
      I am using oracle 11g ee.

      when i try to login the apex login page i am getting this prompt consistently:


      anyway, i try to do "Oracle Database Postinstallation Tasks" and i could not find the ORACLE_HTTPSERVER_HOME parameter that what is the path of this? I unlock the anonymous and apex_public_user users. But i am getting an error when i am running the apex_epg_config.sql :

      @apex_epg_config /tmp

      PL/SQL procedure successfully completed.

      PL/SQL procedure successfully completed.

      old 1: create directory APEX_IMAGES as '&1/apex/images'
      new 1: create directory APEX_IMAGES as '/tmp/apex/images'

      Directory created.

      ERROR at line 1:
      ORA-22288: file or LOB operation FILEOPEN failed
      No such file or directory
      ORA-06512: at "SYS.XMLTYPE", line 296
      ORA-06512: at line 18

      In linux, i try to find the where is the Apache folder through write "find /dwh0/ -name Apache*" and nothing is found.

      For example, i haven't any changing on dads.conf file. Is it necessary?

      What is the real problem? How can i fix this?
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          is it a hard question? I think that there is small detail i overlooked.
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            The same problem is happening with me also ,
            I have installed oracle 11gR1
   in Ubuntu 10.04 , and i am trying to configure apex 3.1
            I followed the steps , same as given in the documentation, but when i try to login at the address

            username admin
            password password

            Nothing happens,it seems as though the link is dead ,in short "No response" to the page .
            Please tell me , what am i missing !

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              Hi -

              Are you wanting to use the embedded gateway or http server (ohs)?

              It's not clear from above.

              OHS would need to be installed and configured separately.


              Also, did you enable network service and configure an ACL: [http://download.oracle.com/docs/cd/E10513_01/doc/install.310/e10496/otn_install.htm#BEHGBHDF]

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                very well thank you for the fast response , well i installed apex 4.0 using the followng link.


                with some careful reading , and practice.actually it worked for me just fine for 11gr1 ...........
                but must admin , that official 4.0 documentation is not clear ,anyway thanks again . o and i used embedded gateway method.

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                  Kiran Pawar
                  Hi A. Fuat Sungur,

                  From the error it seems that the EPG is not configured correctly!
                  Where have you extracted apex zip installation?
                  Follow the steps carefully about Configure the Embedded PL/SQL Gateway :


                  Suppose you have extracted the zip setup of APEX on desktop of your linux having directory path:


                  then for your EPG configuration command will be:

                  @apex_epg_config /home/user1/Desktop