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    Integra Codebase

      Is the Integra Codebase product delivered as part of Oracle's Configuration Control Governor or is this licensed outside of it?
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          Barry Greenhut-Oracle
          Hi there - Unfortunately, Oracle no longer offers Integra Codebase for sale.

          Current Codebase customers will be pleased to know that Oracle offers Lifetime Support for Codebase, with Premier Support through December 2010.

          Oracle offers best-of-breed solutions that replace many of Codebase's features:
          - JDeveloper and SQL Developer let you manage code that's kept in files and databases - together, they replace Codebase's Maintain Versions, Maintain Project, and Object Finder functions.
          - Enterprise Manager's Configuration Management Pack tracks changes to files and database records - it replaces Codebase's Change Finder functions.
          - Enterprise Manager's Application Change Management Pack replaces Codebase's promotion functions. It lets you combine your developers' changes into patches, then define workflows for approving and applying those patches.

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