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    MoveNext() and MovePrev()  functions

      When I am pointing to a table row if I MoveNext(), get data and then return back with MovePrev() the row is not the old pointed row. What I can do to be sure to return back to the same position ?
      tank you
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          You could use the bookmark feature.

          OraDynaset = is the data returned to your application from Oracle

          Set the bookmark:
          strBookmark = OraDynaset.Bookmark

          Do your processing or whatever you need to

          Then go back to your bookmark

          OraDynaset.Bookmark = strBookmark

          You can also search in the dynaset:
          strFindClause = "Key = " & OraDynaset("KEY")
          OraDynaset.FindFirst strFindClause

          If OraEPAEMP.NoMatch Then
          'means you did not find the bookmark again
          ' it found the bookmark and you can continue from here