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    11g Install, loopback adapter static IP, dbconsole fails when NIC added

    Lannie Liberty
      11g installation:
      Development Laptop environment for Oracle 11g, ODPNET, and Visual Studio 2008.
      Goal: install Oracle on loopback adapter with static IP, and then install network
      interface card with DHCP IP for internet and IIS use.

      1. Disabled motherboard network interface card.
      2. Booted to new unpartitioned hard drive and installed Windows 2008.
      3. In SYSTEM configuration:
           a. computer named box01
           b. workgroup named data
           c. DNS named data.local
      4. Rebooted.
      5. Installed Microsoft Loopback adapter and configured:
           a. IP Mask
           b. Gateway none
           c. DNS
      6. Made first entry into hosts.ini box01.data.local localhost
      7. Rebooted.
      8. Ping success.
      9. Ping box01.data.local resolved to
      10. Installed Oracle 11g with servicename and sid MYDB.
      11. Oracle gave database control the address:
      12. Added environment variables:
           a. ORACLE_BASE=C:\ORA
           b. ORACLE_HOME=C:\ORA\DB11G106_HOME
           c. ORACLE_SID=MYDB
           d. ORACLE_HOST=box1.data.local
      13. Rebooted.
      14. Oracle database, listener, and database control all functioning
      on box01.data.local
      15. Rebooted to BIOS and enabled motherboard network card.
      16. Rebooted and installed motherboard network card drivers in Windows 2008.
      17. Auto assigned network card IP, Gateway, and DNS from firewall DHCP.
      DHCP assigned IP was
      18. Rebooted.
      19. Oracle database instance and listener started.
      Oracle functional from SQLPlus.
      20. Oracle dbconsole did not start.
      emctl dbconsole status
      could not find c:\ora\db11g106_home\
      It should be looking for:
      21. Disable network card and reboot, and 11g goes back to using
      the loopback adapter, and database control functioning again.

      I followed thge above procedure for Oracle 10g,
      and for years had no trouble with Oracle 10g running on MS loopback static IP
      and the Win2003 OS using the DHCP assigned IP for the motherboard network card,
      allowing use of IIS and internet connection. Oracle 10g even tolerated me
      assigning a static LAN IP to the motherboard network card.

      So in Oracle 11g, how can I force the database on bootup to use the loopback
      adapter and not the DHCP LAN card? Even though I installed the lookpback adapter first,
      modified system hosts and environment variables appropriately, installed Oracle
      with only the loopback adapter present, and then when all was working,
      installed the LAN NIC.

      Perhaps I need to enable a DNS Server on the Windows 2008?
      I thought not since ping of the box01.data.local resolved appropriately
      to the loopback adapter virtual LAN address.

      Thanks. It worked in 10g, I thought it would work in 11g.