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    creation of  rules index failing with ORA-01652 exception

      I am trying to create a rules index in the following way,


      with semantic_search_rulebase having about 5 rules and with 28839 triples in the model.

      When I am trying to run create index it fails after a long time by throwing exception

      ORA-01652: unable to extend temp segment by 128 in tablespace TEMP

      though TEMP is allocated 5GB memory.

      Please clarify me on the following questions,

      1. How much TEMP space should be allocated if the triples are going to be in millions and rules at about 10 to 100 and why is indexing taking a lot of TEMP space with a less amount of triples.

      2. How much time normally would create rules index take with triples of size from thousands to millions.

      3. How to make the create rules index run faster.