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    Problem accessing BPEL console from OAS 10.1.3 Worklist App


      I need to access the BPEL console from the worklist app. When i am trying to access the BPEL console, it goes to the login page first.

      In 10.1.2 version, when i am trying to access the BPEL console from the worklist app,it used to directly take me inside the BPEL console.

      But in 10.1.3 v why is it taking me to the login page ? Is there any workaround for this problem, so that i needn't login to the BPEL console while accessing from the worklist app ??

      I have specified a path in the worklist app. In the flow, it should take me to this path from within the worklist app. But, the very first time, i need to provide the credentials.Next time, i neednt specify any credentials to get into that path.It is directly taking to the path specified.

      Is there a way that i can get into the specified path without having to provide the credentials as it used to work in 10.1.2 ?