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    ORA-00936: missing expression

      I wrote a SPARQL query that returned a variable called ?date. When I ran the query using the Jena Adaptor, I kept getting:

      java.sql.SQLException: ORA-00936: missing expression

      I think the SQL parser was not handling the ?date variable correctly. Insetadn, I think the parser interpreted ?date as the Oracle DATE keyword. When I changed the variable name to ?article_date, the problem went away. It's not a big problem, but I just wanted to point it out.

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          It is a known limitation of SQL. There are some reserved keywords that cannot be used freely.
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            Thanks for the explanation. I think it would be better if the SPARQL interpreter captured known Oracle reserved words when trying to execute SPARQL queries. If the interpreter threw an error that said "ORA-00000: Reserved Oracle Keyword found in SPARQL query" then I would realize my mistake. The error "ORA-00936: missing expression" message didn't make much sense when I saw it. I am writing a SPARQL query, not a SQL query. I think people writing SPARQL queries are going to be more focused on what is allowed/disallowed according to the SPARQL specification.

            To be honest, I am surprised the SPARQL interpreter allows Oracle keywords. Isn't it a little dangerous to allow the Oracle keywords? According to my error, Oracle was executing the DATE keyword. Doesn't that allow the possibility of something similar to "SQL Injection"? What if I used the keyword DROP, CREATE, etc?
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              If you put in, unintentionally, some Oracle keywords, then you get an error when query is executed. There is no danger other than it is inconvenient. The same behavior is in a regular SQL select execution. For example,

              SQL> select drop from (select 1 "drop" from dual);
              select drop from (select 1 "drop" from dual)
              ERROR at line 1:
              ORA-00936: missing expression

              I am logging an enhancement to translate Oracle keywords, for a future Jena Adaptor release.