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      As described in the Oracle Calendar Application Developer's Guide, I tried to make a sucessful call to the event create command. The Enries in the OID hve been made exactly as described int he document. The ldap search for the entry is doing well but whenever I trie using the ProxyAuth with SOPA I get an Error Message. If I set all params correct the message says "0020-00-00-00000017 A security error occurred" If I omit the name property, I get the folowing Message: "0020-00-00-0000003C The ProxyAuth application password element was missing". If I then put the application password by setName(pxyPwd) then the error message says "0020-00-00-00000008 There was an unexpected failure during basic authentication" which seems to be complete nonsense, cause ther is noch basic authentication done.

      Has andyone used this ProxyAuth successfully? Any idea whats wrong with my program?