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    TP4 / JDK 6 / EJB (bug?)


      there seems to be a problem with EJB 3.0 generation and JDK 6, at last on my machine under Windows Vista.

      If I set Jdeveloper (TP4 oder to JDK 6 (in jdev.conf) and generate "Entities from Tables" for tables with combined keys, I'm getting an entity class and a primary key class, but both have no properties or fields or methods.

      The generation process ends without saying "Finished generating CMP entity beans".

      If I switch back (both in TP4 and to the original JDK, it works fine.

      If I generate "Entity from Tables" for a simple table with only one key, it works with both JDKs fine.

      If I start TP4 with JDK 6 and switch only the project to JDK 5, it works fine (for both simple and combined keys) , too.

      Starting Jdeveloper from a DOS Box reveals no error messages in the not working cases.

      Although it's ok for me, to run only IDE with JDK 6 for better display experience, the reason for this behaviour would be interesting.