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    POR_CUSTOM_PKG in iprocurement in  EBS 11i

      This message was originally posted in OA Framework forum. I copied it here just in case some iproc guys don't visit that forum.

      I am trying to use POR_CUSTOM_PKG to do some Header level validation. One of the requirements is to require the user to input some acknowledgement text in a Header level DFF if the sum of the line amount is greater than 1M. I have the following 2 questions.

      1. Will the change Requisition process in iproc trigger the validation logic in POR_CUSTOM_PKG? If it does not, is there a way to implement this kind of validation for the change Requisitions?

      2. I have put the validation logic in POR_CUSTOM_PKG and it works. When the user does not input the acknowledgement text in the Header level DFF, iproc shows error message and does not move to the next step. However, if I click the Edit Lines button to make changes to the lines in this case, I will be stuck in the CheckoutLinesPG. It seems the header level validation procedure in POR_CUSTOM_PKG is invoked on this page. At the same time, I can't populate the header level DFF to input the acknowledgement text in this page. I can never return to the normal process of the Requisition.
      My question is: why the Header level validation procedure in POR_CUSTOM_PKG is invoked in CheckoutLinesPG? Is there a way to change this behavior? Did I missed anything?

      Thank you very much in advance.