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    Running out of available connections

      Hi, we have been used OO4O for about 5 years in an ASP.NET application under Windows 2000, which appear to be fine.

      1.5 years ago we upgraded to Windows 2003 where we noticed that connections was not being returned back to the datapool. We had Microsoft help us identity that the OO40 COM object was the root cause (a threading issue for I can remember).

      I know that we have done everything in our code to close the connections, but to no still having the same problem(s). What we did was to try to obtain a connction from the datapool (50) which worked but for any reason this failed (99% of the time the connection pool was full) we would make a direct connection to the database (which we closed, destroyed etc).

      Over the last 6 months we have rewritten 60% of our Web application to improve performance using ODP.NET and still using OO40 for the remainder 40%. Becauase these new changes did not impact any existing functionality, we only done performance tests on the new framework (ASP.NET V2.0/V3.0, ODP.NET).

      We went live over yesturday (Monday 18/08/2008), with no problems until 1pm where we experienced errors on the old version (using OO4O).

      We then perform a load test (15 users for about 5-10 minutes) on the old version on one of these page(s) and noticed when the connections to the database hit 23 then these page(s) started to fail.

      As soon as these connection dropped, these page(s) started to work fine.

      We have 2 version of Oracle Client 9.2 and 10 (ODP.NET), could installing V10 along side 9 cause any problems?

      Any help would be great.

      Thank you