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    Taxes in R12


      I got the following Tax details from the ETRM. From the Oracle documentation, I observed that to support the customer migrated from prior release to R12, Oracle retains the 11i tax tables in addition to the new tables for R12.

      EBusiness Tax

      ZX_TAXES_B - This table stores taxes for multiple configuration owners. Each row stores a tax for a specific regime and configuration owner

      ZX_TAXES_TL - This table provides multilingual support (MLS) for each tax. MLS enables you to store and print data that you define in multiple languages

      ZX_TAX_PRIORITIES_T - This table stores priorities of taxes and regimes. Each row records the priority for either a tax or a regime. This table is used for tax groups’ migration from prior releases

      ZX_TAX_RELATIONS_T - This table stores parent child relationships of tax codes within tax groups. This table is used for tax groups’ migration from prior releases

      I have following queries,

      Since Oracle retains the tax tables of 11i in R12, does that mean during migration, 11i table data will move to the new R12 tables?
      If not, do we need to maintain two separate queries to pull Tax info?

      Creating Tax Groups. The two tables (ZX_TAX_PRIORITIES_T & ZX_TAX_RELATIONS_T) say it supports tax groups’ migration from prior releases!!!
      How to create Tax Groups? Will it affect these two tables?

      Nb: I gone thru the R12 Config & User guide. It talks more about functional than technical. Any pointers to tech.doc would be of great help