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    'Run-time error '1004' when running Web ADI on Office 2007

      I have a user who has loaded office 2007 on their machine and when they attempt to create a functional actuals spreadsheet via web ADI they receive an error message 'Run-time error '1004'; Method 'VBProject' of object'_Workbook' failed'.

      I know that if a user experiences this when using Office 20003 or lower the solution is to navigate to Tools -> Macro -> Security -> Trusted Publishers. At the bottom of this security box there is an option “Trust access to Visual Basic Project” make sure that this is checked and then click on ok. Close Excel and then try again and this solves the problem.

      I know that office 2007 is more tabular than drop down menus so am not sure of the navigation path. I have obtained a screen shot from the user and they do not have the tools option on their toolbar. Can anyone help me with this one??