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    S2S authentication question

      I would like to know if using the S2S methodology requires the account it uses to not expire. We are using S2S with an OID created service acount. After however many months it takes for this OID created account to "expire", will our S2S enabled application not be able to log in using this account name if we do not go in and manually change the password every so often?
      If yes, then is there a way to create an OID account for a service that doesn't expire? I did not see this option.

      Thanks for any help!
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          What you are looking for is the Password Expire Time (pwdMaxAge) in the password policy for the realm in which you created the OID user.
          If you set it to 0, the OID user password will not expire. It can most easily be done through the Oracle Internet Directory Manager GUI (oidadmin).
          For more information, you should consult the OID Administrator Guide: chapter 15 Password Policies in Oracle Internet Directory.
          Bob Marien