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    External Anti-Virus Server

      Hello All.

      I have a customer who uses an external Anti-Virus (Trend) mail server, and he plans to use Collaboration Suite for emailing. We have a pilot configured now.

      He wants to use the following architecture:

      1) The mail message is sent from OCS for other domain OR same domain
      2) Can send with WAC or Outlook
      2) The message pass trough this TREND server for anti-viruses scan
      3) Recipients receive the email

      I don't know how toconfigure this in OCS and couldn't find thow to do it. How should I configure it?

      Thanks in advance, any help would be appreciated.
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          I have no experience with this Trend anti-virus but I don't know if your looked already the Administration tab in the UM Web Interface, in the Policy sub-tab, in Filter Definitions. There you have a sample of a Virus Scanner with Symantec, maybe that could point you in the right direction.

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            It's simple - in the settings for smtp_in, you set your relay host to be the host that Trend is running on, just make sure that host knows to send non-local messages outbound.