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    Problems advertising SALT services

      Hello my friends,
      After I do all steps for importing a wsdl service and boot the GWWS server my service is not advertised

      From Tuxedo log I get the following extract:
      LIBTUX_CAT:262: INFO: Standard main starting
      INFO: BEA SALT, Version 2.0, 32-bit, Patch Level (none)
      |- Loading Service Pattern "aVeryLongNameForATuxedoService"
      |  |- WARN:WSCFG_CAT:139: Pattern "aVeryLongNameForATuxedoService" does not exist in Metadata Repository
      WSCFG_CAT:33: INFO: Get configuration for GWWS <GWWS_INST1> successful.
      GWWS_CAT:19: INFO: GWWS started.
      I call tmunloadrepos on my metadata repository and I get the following extract:
      So the service it does exists in metadata repository... 
      I already verify my field tables looking for params with the same name but I don't find any.
      I don't think it has to do with a 15+ chars service name, because I have another GWWS instance with another metadata repository, which has a service with less than 15 chars and presents the same problem.
      I don't get it.... I'm missing something here??
      Any help will be appreciated