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    Need some help regarding PO numbering

    Ramakrishnan Sankaran
      This is for a Real Estate Company. Here each Project is Inventory Org.

      Presently we are following automatic numbering for purchase orders.

      However here client is insisting for Purchase order numbering to be automatic- alpha numeric and again the crucial requirement is that it should be inventory organization(project) wise i.e. different alphanumeric numbering sequence for each inventory org.

      Eg: If we have two inventory orgs (say A, B) , then Purchase orders for A should follow numbering like A-001,A-002.......

      Similarly for inventory org B, it should be B-001,B-002....

      Can anyone suggest is there any way to achieve this..

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          Hi Ram,
          I beleive, if you choose manual entry then only you can create numeric and alphanumeric document numbers.With automatic entry, i don't think so you will be able to create alphanumeric like A-001,A-002 etc.Also if you have a multi-org set up,the numbering is operating unit specific and not inv org specific.

          Try out by doing form personalisation to generate the sequence you desire.


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            Subramanyam Jayram
            As per Oracle seeded functionality, system will not allow alha Numeric numbering...

            subramanyam Jayaram
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              Hi Ram,

              As we know, PO works on OU level, so i don't think so it is possible to have two different sequence for two different inventory organization under same operating unit. But as you said, you client is insisting on the same. so better you store that alpha numeric sequence according to the client requirement in the attribute (DFF) of po headers. and in purchase order printing also, can customize accordingly. where as standard sequence let it be as it is that is numeric.
              i hope this will work for you.

              Thanks & regards,
              Ankur Dawra
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                You can achieve this by little a custmo trigger on PO_HEADERS table, Modify the SEGMENT1 before insert based on your requirement

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                  So I have seen this done, but none of it was standard. You would leave your normal numbering system in place, but then have a SQL guy create a custom script to upload PO directly into your system. Typically with these loaders you can script in the use of any PO numbering scheme that you designate. If you migrated Oracle from a previous system you may have some of these tools especially if you had your historical data uploaded prior to going live. We used to call these PO Loaders, but the function operates in a similar fashion to a requisition loader which takes a flat file and uploads it directly into the system.