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    Calendar from other Person

      Hello all. I am trying Outlook 2007 (now there is a connector for that).

      It seems ok for emails, but calendaring is still a bit confusing. Is there a way I can see another person's calendar, as I do from the Collab portal?

      Looks like I can only see events that I am included.

      Thanks a lot.
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          We don't have 2007, but in 2003 it's pretty easy, you have a link on the left pane to choose which calendar to view, you can even display 2 calendars at a side.
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            In 2007 without Exchange Server they have made it more difficult. Your link to "open a shared calendar" has disappeared. You have to open another user's shared folder (from the file menu I think, I'm on my 2003 box right now). The designate permissions come over but there's no easy way to remove the other person's shared folder once you've opened it.

            I guess we should be grateful that it works at all. The 2007 issue has been a bit of a stumbling block here. In summary: the new connector will work with 07 but it has some quirks.

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              I have to agree there are a few quirks, but finally a solution... To remove a shared folder that has been added, highlight the shared folder or shared calendar to be removed and then go to Tools - Shared Folders - Manage Folders. From here you can remove or add shared folders.