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    sqlplus client need to be more modern!

      Hi All

      I'm dreaming about a sqlplus (as like bash) be able to do auto completion behavior for commands, having a bigger history of commands than only 1 in the buffer and a syntaxe control in order to avoid errors.

      A more detailled online help would also be perfect!
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          I am very angry about Oracle support & develoeprs. They do not care about the situation and problems of the community. Your advice is a good example. That limitation of sqlplus exist before oracle has yet been developed ! I think sqlplus cames before the DBMS *g and only marketing makes oracle a global player instad of genius implementations.

          Maybe oracle has no QA-Department that has experiences in usability :)

          I think in my case they have no architects:

          How to use OCI Serverside Scrollable ResultSet via JDBC-OCI

          CLear Microsoft has baught its knowhow from sybase and so they had all needed implementated konzepts, but Oracle has to retighten in technical point of view.

          Regards, Andre, Berlin
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            Chuck Speaks
            Have you tried SQL Developer (free product)? It may be what you are looking for.

            As someone that was trained to be an Oracle DBA via svrmgr and sqlplus, I am a bit comfortable in the command line of sqlplus, but I think the usability factor is GREATLY increased with SQL Developer. It has a lot of the features you mentioned.

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              Hi Chuck

              As you i grew up with vt220, svrmgr, sqlplus and a bunch of Unix&Linux commands but I still think that they could make it much more better.

              I do not have anything against sqlplus as it quite fast but would appreciate to have even better.

              I*m using raptor/SQL Developer already and also grid controller but still think that we need some command completion as SQL server does *for half the price