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    ORDImage troubles


      When I try to insert an image as an external file, it works fine. I use something like insert into image values (1, ORDImage.init('FILE', 'MYDIR', 'filename.jpg'). The file lies externally on the file system.

      The insertion itself works fine, but when i query certain properties with methods like GetWidth(), GetHeight() etc. only NULLs are returned. In fact, there is nothing more than getsource(), getsourcename() and so on which return values at all. Those ones returned are correct, though.

      Does anyone of you have an idea?

      Thanks in advance and best regards,
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          I solved it already.

          just had to change the following:

          img ORDImage;
          INSERT INTO image VALUES(1, ORDImage.init(...)) RETURNING image_file INTO img;
          UPDATE image SET image_file=img WHERE...

          This did the trick - i forgot to set the properties...

          Thanks anyway,