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    isuppliers included in customer Lov in Standard Find Customer Form


      On the Customer Standard form, when queried for the customer name, the lov gives list of true customers and isuppliers (Which i think are internally created as parties after isupplier registration and may be thats the reason its showing in the list).

      But we want only the true customers (has account number) not the isuppliers (no account number) in the list.

      1.Please let me know if isuppliers are created as parties? I am pretty confused here.

      2. Is it the oracle standard functionality to pull all the parties (including the party created due to the isupplier registration) in the customer name field of the standard find customer form ?

      3. Also, is there a way to modify the standard form to include only the true customers in the lov of customer name?

      4. Is there a way to query suppliers which are registered in iSupplier from po_vendors or hz_parties tables?

      Please assist. Thanks.