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    The E2.0 Toy Store - What would you like to see in Enterprise 2.0

      There is a lot of "Vision" but little substance in the early days of E2.0
      Sure the words Wiki, Blog, Chat and Community get tossed around a lot but what would you like to see delivered to your desktop next week?
      What would make your life and worklife better?
      As an example, my personal toy would be a ECM customization that turns webconferences and Powerpoint presentations into Podcasts that I can subscribe to and automatically download to my iPhone or iPod next time I sync it. Then when I get on plane I can view them there rather than sitting at my desk wasting precious office time. I can view them at the least productive point in my week where it would be a welcome distraction to another 3 hour ride of boredom. (I'm too large to use my laptop in economy and I read too many trashy novels already).
      Another toy we have already built for ECM is a Search ranking that includes the context of the answer not just the value. And does it graphically. ("Yeah the article was a "5" in quality but it was meant as a reporter piece not a developer piece. So it's not what I'm looking for")

      So come up with your best ideas and people will make them.