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    Multiload from HFM data extract.

      I’m looking for a way of migrating data from one HFM application to an other using FDM.
      The perfect solution would do a data retrieve from HFM (in some kind of import script) and the load the data using the normal (multiload) process.
      A solution I’m thinking of doing is taking a HFM extract (one line per period), do a kind of pivot to get the month data into columns (using the befMultiload event) and use this as input for the multiload functionality.

      I’ve written some scripts using the Essbase adapter to connect to Essbase and run a report script and then load the data to FDM, but have never tried nor a good idea how to do this in case of HFM.

      Anyone ever tried a HFM data extract from a FDM script? If so could you explain me how to do it (or maybe an example)?

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          I use taskflows to move data between apps. I export the data from one and import it to the other on a schedule and then do full consolidatons of the target system. Depending on your system, you shouldn't have too many data files. Probably not worth the hassle of using FDM.
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            Tnx, for your answer Kelly.
            I’ll have a look in using your suggested taskflows solution.
            One of the wishes of management is to be able to do some kind of account trace. They are already used to drilling down from HFM to FDM to analyze ’unexpected differences’. That’s why we are (first) looking into a FDM solution.
            You are right, it’s not a huge amount of data and worth considering an ‘easier’ solution.
            In the meanwhile I would still appreciate someone sharing his/her experience on a HFM-pull solution with FDM (even if it is; ‘tried it, but wouldn’t do it again’).