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    Is there any impact analysis tool for Oracle Forms and Reports

      Hi All

      We are curretly looking at tools available to do impact analysis in Oracle Forms and Reports. This is for the maintainance of a large Oracle application developed using forms and reports 10g. We use Oracle Designer but only to maintain the db structure and not for forms and reports generation. Our intension is to find out the impact of db model changes, stored procedure changes in Oracle Forms and Reports. Please suggest any tools that are currently used for this purpose.

      I remember manually maintaining the CRUD matrix for Oracle Forms and Reports for maintainance purpose. CRUD matrix will have the list of all the tables which are affected by the module. But this is a manual activity and hence the responsibility is with the dev team to keep the document updated. Please suggest if there is any alternative to this way which can be more effecient and less error prone...

      I also wonder how these are done in Oracle ERP? how the apps team in oracle is maintaining the forms and reports?

      Thnaks in Advance
      Mahesh Mathew