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    Receive from supp A , Invoiced by supp B


      I kindly ask your help with the following issue:

      My customer would like to issue a po to supplier A and be invoiced by the same supplier, but receive the goods from supplier B.
      Suppliers A and B may have or may not have bussiness relationships (supplier/agents)

      I've already investigated the 'Parent Supplier' functionality and as far as I know it is used for reporting purposes only.

      Any ideas on how to solve this?

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          1. You send PO to Supplier A
          2. Supplier A enters a sales order in her system and sends a PO to Supplier B to dropship goods to you (nothing to do with our process)
          3. Supplier B sends goods to you using your PO as reference (otherwise trouble at the receiving)
          4. Your warehouse (otherwise someother department) receives the material (Are you expecting here some reference to supplier B?)
          5. Supplier B sends invoice to Supplier A (not our process)
          6. Supplier A endorses the invoice and sends invoice to you based on the invoice he/she received from supplier B.

          The trouble with this process is in step 1, we have no clue whether supplier A chooses Supplier B or Supplier C to fulfill your PO. Hence we may not be able to mention that in PO unless otherwise it is known.

          At the time of receiving (using either pick slip or Goods Receipt Notes (GRN) sent by supplier) you can insist on mentioning your PO details to your vendors so that this confusion does not arise.

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            Thanks Nagamohan,
            Will check this .