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    Intercompany procurement - Accrual Reconciliation out of balance

      My client wishes to go ahead with the following process:

      Enter a PO in INV_ORG1
      Receive the goods in INV_ORG2
      Enter the purchase invoice in INV_ORG1
      Workflow Background Processor
      Create Inter-company AR invoices in INV_ORG1
      Run Autoinvoice in ORG1 AR Super User for the Source Intercompany
      Run Create Intercompany AR Invoices in ORG2
      Run Payables Invoice Import HTH to import the supplier invoice in ORG2 AP Super User
      Validate invoice
      Post all transactions
      Run Accrual Reconciliation Rebuild Manager (POXARRM) in ORG1
      Run Accrual Reconciliation Report (POXACREC) in ORG1

      The problem is that the report does not balance as it shows the amount closed by the invoice in INV_ORG1, but not the receipt in INV_ORG2. They propose that a customised version of POXARRM be created that includes the matching receipt with negative amounts. Their apps version is

      Any pointers on how to go about this, if this is indeed the right way to go? Many thanks in advance.