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    Defaulting the radio button to a particular source



      I have Oracle iprocurement installed and while creating internal requisitions we have enabled the link '{color:#0000ff}Click here to select a source' {color}{color:#000000}. On clicking on that this will open a page as that has 3 options.the radio button is defaulted to the first option. but I want the radio button to be defaulted to 3rd option.
      If that is not possible is there a way that I can hide the first 2 options and only the 3 rd option will be diaplyed always.
      Is it possible to acheive this through any personalizations? since this is internal ware house reqs i dont think this can be acheived through sourcing rules. is there any other way to either hide the 2 options or default the radio button to the 3rd option.

      Please help...