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    JD Edwards Enterprise One 8.12


      My current client is on JD One World 7.33 running on Citirx. Client is planning to migrate to JD Edwards Enterprise 8.12. I have following questions

      1. Is Citrix still need for JD Edwards Enterprise 8.12 ? Or can one use just Web Client ?
      2. Also, if client decides to use Citrix, is Citrix certified with JD Edwards Enterprise 8.12
      3. Any reference to any documents on Oracle.com would be very useful


      H Shah
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          8.12 is a web based release which means that you only need FAT clients for administration applications and purposes. End users will use the web client as end applications are only usable on the web for the most part. Citrix is an Oracle partner which means that if you run into a problem with a Citrix machine Oracle support will ask you to recreated it on a regular FAT client. If the issue only occurs in the Citrix machine then you would have to contact Citrix for support. Below is a link to the MTRs in the Customer Connection site, also Solution ID 201012903 accessible in the same site gives you the support policy on Citrix.

          (Customer Connection account required)

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            Hi Shah
            in the 8.12 the Citrix is not required so far, it was used before because the previous versions is Windows based, but now in 8.11 and later, its not required becuase now the JAS server will be used..

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              As the Web client can be quite "FAT" you may want to use Citrix. There is nothing to stop you using Citrix with the Web client.
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                Is anyone out there running Enterprise One 8.12 on with websphere/fusion - middleware, Sun Solaris, Oracle database and Windows 200x?

                I would like to know what version of Websphere, Windows and Oracle database you are using?

                Thanks for your response.