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    Problem providing download link for BLOB data in apex report


      I am trying to create a report on a table with BLOB data so that the report displays a "download" link for the BLOB data. I am trying to give users the ability to download files from a website.

      I have been following the instructions in OBE "Defining and Viewing BLOB Data in Oracle Application Express 3.1".

      In the report, for the BLOB column, I have specified values for the following fields in Report Attributes->Column Formatting->Number/Date Format->BLOB Download Format Mask:

      BLOB Table
      BLOB Column
      Primary Key Column 1
      MIME Type Column
      Filename Column
      BLOB Last Updated Column

      However, when I run the report, I get the following error, even thought there is data loaded into the table:

      report error:
      ORA-01403: no data found

      When I remove the BLOB Download Format Mask information for the BLOB column, then the data displays in the report, but without the "download" link for the BLOB data (which is expected):


      Title Author Created BLOB_CONTENT
      Siebel & RAC Best Practices     Erik.Peterson     17-SEP-08     [datatype]
      Siebel Grid Case Studies     Mark.MacDonald     17-SEP-08     [datatype]
      Siebel CRM Applications protected by Oracle Clusterware     Kelly.Tan     17-SEP-08 [datatype]
      Oracle Grid: The Optimal Platform for Siebel Solutions Mark.MacDonald 17-SEP-08     [datatype]

      Any ideas why I'm seeing the ORA_01403 when I specify the BLOB Download Format Mask?

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