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    AkAttachmentCategory sort order


      I tried to change sort order of drop-down menu form ASC to DESC. But with no results. By dafault sort was disabled so I changet it to descendig, but nothing changed.

      <customization xmlns="http://xmlns.oracle.com/jrad" version="" xml:lang="en-US" customizes="/oracle/apps/fnd/framework/attachments/webui/FND_ATTACH_UPLOAD_PAGE">
      <modify element="DocCatRN.searchRN.SearchLastUpdatedBy" sortState="descending"/>
      <modify element="AkAttachmentCategory" adminCustomizable="true" sortState="descending"/>
      <modify element="DocCatRN.searchRN.SearchCategoryId" sortState="yes"/>
      <move element="AkAttachmentCategory" after="AkDescription"/>

      Where should I look to change it?

      Thanks for any idea!