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    How to hide or remove toolbar of gadgets?

      Dear all,
      I followed the file of ss_developers_guide.pdf to create a new gadget.
      However, it is default to have a toolbar on the top of gadget.
      Do anyone know how to hide or remove toolbar of gadget?
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          By default, the toolbar cannot be hidden.

          However, you can add button items to the toolbar, hook up to the event handlers, and create new menus and menu-items in your gadgets.

          What version of Smart Space are you using? The SDK is slightly different between 9.3.1 and 11.1.x

          There are ways to work around the toolbar and do some other slick UI renderings in regards to these topics.

          Please drop me an email and we can have a phone conversation around what you are trying to do. I may be able to provide some ideas for you.

          Rob Hull
          Oracle Smart Space
          Development Manager