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    Category with no period

      We have the necessity to load our budget with FDM over a HFM scenario which don't have the data over a month but over [YEAR] (the first generation) in the period value.

      In FDM for this I create a category with Yearly frequency, but how I can define the periods in control table for manage this? FDM ask me mandatory to set Target(M) and he don't display me other values than that of months (Jan,Feb,Mar,...), I cannot set [YEAR] as value.

      Thanks in advance.

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          data can only be loaded to the lowest level in the Period dimension. You will need to either pick a month to put the number in or manually spread it among all months.
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            In reality we have a scenario in HFM where we set the data over YEAR, no over a month.

            I have found also how to make that in FDM periods control table: in integration settings i found the parameter "list all periods". Setting this, I can choice also the quarters and the year as period values. Under Target(Y) of december month I set (YEAR), so when the user will choice december 2009 in FDM loading, if the category is a monthly category the system will use target(M) = dec, when he will use a yearly category the system will use tagert(Y) = YEAR.